If you are traveling to Russia, or to Japan,

or to France, or to Germany, or to a host

of other countries, then you absolutely

need to know how 2speakEZ

Start Learning

You are absolutely correct. I am selling something, but I am only selling it for $9.95 a year. For just $9.95 (1 year subscription) you are going to learn how to survive in a foreign country, tomorrow. Not next week, not next month, but tomorrow. You are probably wondering, how is this possible? Is it possible? Am I trying to sell a pie in the sky?

Actually, you be the judge. Determine for yourself, if this is possible. I believe it is possible. I believe that the average person with average intelligence with average education and with average intellect can do this. You decide.

You are going to take advantage of a completely different system. You are actually going to learn how 2speakEZ. And believe it or not, it is not really that difficult.

Can you speak Russian? Probably not. Actually, you can speak Russian; you just do not know it yet. Let us try to say the phrase thank you in Russian. Thank you, in Russian is Спасибо. Wait a minute; we do not know the Russian alphabet. We cannot speak Russian, so obviously we cannot read Russian. You are now going to have to learn to say three very simple words in English. The three words are spa sea ba.

If you can say these three simple words, you can say thank you in Russian. If you do not believe me, listen to a native Russian speaker saying thank you.

A Russian speaker will understand you. You can actually speak Russian; you just did not know it.

Can you speak French? Probably not. Actually, you can speak French; you just do not know it yet. Thank you, in French is Merci. So, how do we say Merci if we do not know French? What we have to learn how to say is mare sea. Let us listen to a native French speaker.

You are probably thinking to yourself, this is too easy. Once again, you are absolutely correct. It is easy, and you can do it.

For $9.95 (1 year subscription) you can change your life.

How exactly did the idea start? A group of friends were wondering what could, or what should, we do with our lives? Without a zillion dollars, without a Princeton, or a Harvard level education, what could we possibly do to change the world? We had come across a book written by one Catherine Ryan Hyde. She was hardly a known author, but her book had been turned into a movie, and that movie had left an indelible impression. The movie hit theaters in the year 2000. The name of the movie was "Pay It Forward".

We were pondering whether or not it was possible to change the world in some small way. We would like very much to eliminate conflict. But how would that be possible? There are many exceptional people who have tried to eliminate conflict. What could possibly make us think that we would have any influence whatsoever, over conflict? We thought perhaps that if we could talk to one another it would make a small difference. If you said good morning, or if you were to say thank you, to another person in that person's native language, would it change anything? We really do not know the answer, but here is your opportunity to find out. For a one time payment of $9.95 (1 year subscription), you are going to find out if indeed it does make a difference.

If you have a friend, if you have a co-worker, if there is anyone that you know who speaks a foreign language, this is your golden opportunity to speak to them in their native tongue. It is also your opportunity to change the world, if only for a little bit.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, and you are leaving immediately, is it even possible to learn how to say hello, to say thank you, to say you are welcome, to say good morning, to say goodnight, to say anything? It has become crystal clear to us that you need to learn how 2speakEZ. And guess what, for a mere $9.95 (1 year subscription) you can actually survive in a foreign country. And yes, today is a great day to start!

Below is a list of the languages currently available along with audio and text samples of the 2speakEZ system. In each of the examples we are saying hello. In German and Polish, we are saying good day.

Remember, we are adding a new language, or at least trying to, every three or four weeks. So visit back often.

Mandarin Chinese knee ha $9.95 (1 year subscription)
Russian z draw we chew
Japanese con knee Che Wah
Spanish Holaoh la
Italian Ciaochow
Vietnamese Xin chàosin chow
German Guten Taggood en tag
French Bonjourbon sure
Swedish hejhey
Tagalog kumustacome must star
Finnish heihey
Polish dzień dobryding dor bread
Greek γειά σουis it so
Hindi nem must tee
Norwegian halloha low

Remember, I am adding a new language, or at least trying to, every two weeks. So visit back often.

For $9.95 (1 year subscription) you can change your life.

It is not uncommon for a European to speak more than one language. As a matter of fact it would be a considerable task to find a European who only spoke one language. Of course there are many peasants, and many farmers in Europe who only speak one language. But as a tourist you would probably be meeting a city dweller, and almost all city dwellers speak multiple languages.

Pope Benedict can speak 10 languages. He is fluent in English, French, Italian, and German. It has been stated that he could probably get by in 20 languages, if not more.

Pope John Paul II spoke eight languages fluently. He spoke Polish, Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin.

Of course all popes speak Latin. It seems to be a requirement of the job.

There are a number of historians who think that Adolf Hitler kept Mussolini around because Mussolini spoke Italian, English, French and German fluently.

When Gen. Colin Powell was a small boy growing up in New York, he worked in a delicatessen. It was a Jewish delicatessen, and he learned to speak Yiddish, fluently. When he met the president of Israel he addressed him in fluent Yiddish. The leader almost had a heart attack. Obviously, it was totally unexpected.

Louis Armstrong spoke fluent Yiddish. Legend has it that his very first horn was bought by a Jewish acquaintance. Legend also has it that Louis Armstrong had many Jewish friends, and apparently they all spoke Yiddish.

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the USA after English, with around 28 million speakers. The third most spoken language is Chinese, mainly Cantonese, with over 2 million speakers. Other languages with over a million speakers include French, German, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Italian.

The ability to speak a foreign language has been a valued commodity all through the ages. The ability to speak a foreign language is a treasure to be treasured. I have been told many times by many people who were supposedly experts that the best way to learn a foreign language is through immersion. To actually live in a foreign land, and to speak and hear the language each and every minute, of each and every day was the absolute best way to learn. Unfortunately, for some of us, that does not work. Listening to a foreigner speak does absolutely nothing.

You are going to learn a completely different approach. You are not going to learn how to speak a foreign language. You are going to learn how to survive. And believe it or not I am 100% positive it will work for you. If you can read simple words in English, you can speak a foreign language. Learn today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, but today.

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Nothing could be that easy.
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How is this possible?
It certainly appears to be true, but I still do not believe it."