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Language Learning for Children

Language is a powerful tool we give to our children. We are born with the ability to learn 40 sounds and from there our genetics allow the brain to make associations between the sounds we make and actions, shapes, or objects.

A baby begins making just sounds and those sounds turn into words. What seems to be meaningless sounds from young childrenĀ is really them working to model the rhythm, tone, volume, and non-verbal expressions we display.

A young age when they are developing these sounds and associations is the best time for humans to learn a new language. 2speakEZ is designed to be taught in small, easily spoken, sound patterns that mimic the English language. Working on these sound groupings and displaying the action or object they associate to at the same time is a helpful way to teach children not only the word but what it means.

Do you have more tips about how you work with your child on a new language? Share them with us here!

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